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What Matters?

March 2013 I met Omar and his sister Malak. Omar he is a 6 years old kid, lost his family during the war. He was very smart kid. Living in one of the refugee camp in Homs city, Syria. I met him In the midst of the ongoing civil war in Syria, I started working as the Art Therapy Supervisor for the Syrian Society for Social Development which is associated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). I assisted displaced families in need by creating and providing art therapy solutions for children.

One day I asked Omar about what matters for him in the life? He looked at me angry and said , nothing matter more than me. I MATTER.

Omar's answer was very intense and it was too difficult to hold back tears of anger and grief.

Witnessing the people around me lose everything during the war, including family members, was such a tough experience, it drove me to ask the rest of the kids of what matters in their life too. Their Innocent mature answers of home, family, peace, and food was the only answer and nothing else.

Such experiences inspired me and make me feel responsible for their stories. Where is the human rights at those cases ?

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